Corrupt Word 2013 File Repair Tool

“Hi, I am writing this to know if anyone can help to solve the problem which I am facing. Last day, I deleted some Word documents created using MS Word 2013 from my computer quite accidentally. I became panic, and I rushed through internet to find a solution. To resolve this, I downloaded and installed a free recovery tool in my system. It only took one hour to get back my lost files. But I couldn’t even open the files after that recovery. The files had become that much corrupt. I want to bypass this issue by any means. Can anybody tell me a reliable tool which can be used to repair corrupted Word file 2013?”

Nowadays, MS Word is the most widely used word processor around the world. Even though its 2015 version has released, MS Word 2013 is preferred by a large number of users to create, edit and share documents. But, there are certain reasons which can cause corruption to Word files created using MS Word 2013 program. Cleary, it will be an undesirable situation for the users whose precious documents got corrupt. You have to repair corrupted Word file 2013 to view or edit the contents of that file. Just read on more about MS Word 2013 file corruption, if you are interested.  

Anyhow, if the corruption severity of a Word document isn’t exceeded to a certain level, the MS Word 2013 application can fix this issue. But, it may not be always helpful. Here, you can spot the significance of Doc File Repair Tool. This tool is capable of fixing corrupted Word 2013 files on different versions of Windows. However, before going through its details, discussing some causes that make a 2013 Word file corrupt will be helpful.

  • Automated Cross-Reference: Unlike many predecessor versions, MS Word 2013 has included an automated cross reference which is helpful for checking errors on a Word file. It can reference line numbers, list items, figure captions, and many more. But when the size of a Word file become huge, enabling such feature can damage the Word file itself.
  • Using Drag and Drop: Many experts are recommended to used cut and paste method instead of drag and drop for moving contents from one Word document to another. It is because in versions like 2013, it cause abrupt termination of application itself which will eventually corrupt the opened Word file.
  • Macro Viruses: Even on 2013 version, macro viruses can intrude and corrupt that file. It will alter the macro commands thus hinders the proper execution of them. Anyhow you don’t have to waste your time by searching for a tool to repair corrupted Word file 2013 because it is possible to repair a corrupted Word file without much effort.
  • Manual Conversion of DOC to DOCX: The XML based DOCX is the default format for Word files produced on 2013. Sometimes, you may find certain difficulties in opening a DOC file created by an old MS Word version. Then, if you try to manually convert that DOC to DOCX, it can result in the corruption of that file. But you can fix DOCX file or DOC file by even preserving text elements.

A number of industry experts have recommended Doc File Repair Tool to repair damaged Word 2013 files because this tool is completely read-only. It simply extracts data from corrupt Word files, repair it and finally copy that data into a newly created Word file. With the help of this read only app, you can easily repair broken or damaged Word documents by following few simple mouse clicks easily. To know more, check this page:

More Features of DOC File Repair Tool

  • You can repair corrupt Word 2013 files which got damaged due to software conflicts that arise on a computer.
  • After repairing a corrupt Word file, this tool recovers formatting, OLE objects, hyperlink fields, and text easily from it.
  • The repaired file can be saved into any location which is accessible to the host operating system.
  • You can also repair Word template files which are having .dot extension by utilizing this tool. 
  •  This tool is not just a Word 2013 corrupted file repair tool, you can use this tool to repair Word files created using all the latest versions of MS Word.
  • You can install this tool on both 32 and 64 bit PCs.
  • Word files which do not opening on other Word versions like MS Word 2007 can be repaired with the help of this tool. Just visit the following page to get more details about that topic.

Procedure to Fix a Corrupted Word 2013 File

Step 1: After installing this tool on your computer, launch it and browse to find the corrupt Word file. After selecting, press "Repair" button to start the file repairing process as shown in figure A.

Repair Corrupted Word File 2013- Select Corrupted File

Figure A: Select Word File

Step 2: After repairing, you can preview the repaired Word document in the preview browser as shown in figure B.

Fixing Corrupted Word 2013 Files- Preview Repaired File

Figure B: Preview Word File

Step 3: Finally, select destination location and press "Save" to save the repaired Word file as shown in figure C.

Word 2013 Corrupted File Repair Tool- Save File

Figure C: Save Word File