Tool to Fix MS Word Encoding Error

Encoding standard is a numeric scheme that provides each text a specific numeric value in character set. A character set contains different alphabetical character, digit and symbols. Each languages has its own character set and hence numerous character set are there in computer or laptop, which enables user to read and write different languages with utmost ease.

There may be situations when you try open email attachment word file, File Conversion Encoding dialog box appears and ask for selecting encoding standard that makes Word file readable. That dialog box having three options:-

  • Windows Default
  • MS-DOS
  • Other encoding method

After selecting any option, Microsoft Word file gets open but with unreadable characters. It may make you very frustrate. If you are in such disaster situation and getting worried for how to fix Microsoft Word encoding error then be relax!! Such Word file can be fixed by using DOC File Repair software within few minutes. This software has read only modules so, your original Word file remains unaltered during the repair process.

Common reasons due to which Microsoft Word Encoding Error may occur

Encoding Standard Mismatch: It is one of the main reasons behind MS Encoding error. Word automatically detects encoding standard that is used in a text file. When MS Word cannot determine encoding standard, then it displays File Conversion Encoding dialog box to make it readable.

Overused System’s Memory: If system memory is overused to perform multiple tasks during the encoding process, then the content of Word file will be changed to strange characters. Hence, you may face encoding Word error.

Interruption While Encoding: If there is any confusing command generated by program while encoding process, then probably it may lead to MS Word encoding error and make Word file unreadable.

Improper conversion: Changing Word file format frequently also may lead to encoding error. If it does not get fixed after selecting option from dialog box, then you need to use Doc File Repair software

Despite of above mentioned reasons, there are more reasons behind MS Word encoding error such as corrupted Word file, abrupt termination of Word application, wrong encoding technique, etc. But, regardless of these causes, you can easily fix any error message on Word by using DOC File Repair tool. This tool is smart enough to identify all elements of Word file and repair them without modifying them with original format. Besides repairing Microsoft Word encoding error, this software can be utilized to repair .doc file association and make them accessible within few minutes.

Why to use DOC File Repair software?

Doc File Repair software is an excellent tool which has been used and suggested by worldwide users to fix Microsoft Word encoding problems. This tool has capability to repair corrupted DOC and DOCX files. It repairs and recovers all elements from Word file such as text, OLE objects, formats, images, fields including hyperlinks, and so on. You can use this ideal software to fix MS Word file of all popular versions of MS Word program. It is powerful enough to fix password protected Word file without any difficulty. This tool can be used to fix corrupted DOC file after recovery. It follows fully automated repair process and provides onscreen instructions so that any user can know how to fix Microsoft Word encoding error. The software is compatible on Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, Server 2003 and 2008.

Procedure to repair MS Word Encoding Error

Step 1: After downloading the software, launch it on your system. Then, browse Word file whose encoding error needs to be fixed. Then, click on “Repair” option.

How to Fix Microsoft Word Encoding Error? - Home Window

Step 2: The software starts scanning selected Word file.

Fix Microsoft Word Encoding Error - Scanning progress

Step 3: After fixing encoding error new healthy Word file will be generated which you can view by using “Preview” option before restoration.

How to Fix Microsoft Word Encoding Problem? - Preview Word file