Way of Fixing MS Word File Permission Errors

“Hi, I am looking for an exact solution to fix Microsoft Word file permission error that prevents me to save my Word document. I encountered this file permission error yesterday while saving my previously completed Word document. I had tried to install a Word file update but unfortunately it got halted due to an unexpected network failure. I think this is the problem behind that Word file permission error. I need to solve this problem as soon as possible because, I am a regular user of MS Word. Can anybody tell me how to fix file permission errors in Word documents? Thank you.”

The above problem quite is common as many MS Word users are facing this. Interruption of updates is just an example of one of the causes for this error. From this kind of symptoms, one can assume that his/her Word file got corrupted. If you are a victim of this kind of symptom, then don’t worry. You have a way out. Just try Doc File Repair tool. This software can be used to repair corruptions of Word files which are created by various Microsoft Word versions higher than MS Word 2000. It is good to go through some of the basic causes behind Word file permission error before checking out the features of Doc File Repair tool.

  • Sometimes, you may get access of a Word file from a network shared folder. Probably that file would be read-only. If you try to edit such a file, this file access permission error may encounter.
  • You cannot modify any Word file which is previously set as a read-only file. Any attempt for editing that file may leads to file access permission conditions.
  • If you have set a program other than MS Word for opening Word files, you may face file access permissions before saving new files.
  • You cannot save Word files into a location where access for writing files is prevented. Only, system Administrators have the privilege for allowing file access permissions, if you are working on a local system.

Apart from these reasons, a Word file may encounter file access permissions due to several other reasons such as file corruption due to file transfer error, incomplete download of Word file, use of applications other than Word processor to open Word files, Word application installation errors, software conflicts, changing file extension forcefully, etc.

However, you can effectively fix file permission errors in Word documents with the help of Doc File Repair software. This tool provides an easy to use interface for fixing file access errors in Word files. You can use this tool on both 32 and 64 bit versions of latest Windows operating systems.

Features of DOC File Repair Tool

  • You can fix DOCX as well as DOC types of Word files using this tool without any troubles.
  • This tool recovers text, OLE objects, hyperlinks, text formatting, etc. from a corrupted Word file.
  • You can fix MS Word file permission error within four simple steps with the help of this tool.
  • Doc File Repair tool doesn’t modify the original damaged word file which has file permission error. Instead, it extracts contents from the corrupted file, repairs it and copies the repaired data into a fresh file.
  • You can preview the repaired Word file before saving it to a secure location.
  • If you have 1 GB RAM and 50 MB free space on your hard drive, this software works smoothly to repair damaged DOC file.
  • You will get free technical assistance to fix file permission errors in Word documents. Either by live chatting or by submitting support ticket, you can ask for technical support.
  • Anyone can use this tool for fixing file permission errors on a corrupted Word document which is created using MS Word 2013 version. Visit the following page to know more information regarding this. http://www.docfilerepair.net/corrupted-word-2013.html

Steps to Fix File Permission Errors in Word

Step 1: Download and install the software. Then, run the tool and browse the Word file which needs to be fixed. After selecting the file, press "Repair" button to start the file repairing process as shown in figure 1.

Fix File Permission Errors in Word - Select Word File

Figure 1: Select Word File

Step 2: You can preview the repaired Word document as shown in figure 2.

How to Fix File Permission Errors in Word? - Preview Repaired Word File

Figure 2: Preview Repaired Word File

Step 3: Finally, you can choose the destination location and press "Save" button to save the repaired Word file as shown in figure 3.

Fixing File Permission Errors in Word - Save File

Figure 3: Save File