Software to Fix Corrupt Word Document on Windows 7

Microsoft Word is a time-honored application produced by Microsoft Corporation for creating, editing and publishing documents. You can easily create a customized Word document using MicrosoftWord application as it provide powerful word level and formatting features. An MS Word program consists of attractive features like embedding of OLE objects, spell-checker, dictionary, thesaurus and  more. DOC and DOCX are the most common extensions of Word documents created using an MS Word program.

Various versions of MS Word application are supported by Windows 7 operating system. While using MS Word application on your Windows 7 computer, you may encounter several error situations like corruption of Word files. The cause of such a corruption is influenced by a number of known and unknown factors. But repairing corrupt Windows 7 Word document is not a laborious task if you are using DOC File Repair software for fixing those file. This software can repair corrupt Word document Windows 7 in a hassle-free manner. Within few simple steps, you can fix Windows 7 Word document corruption issue using this tool. This software can also be utilized to fix MS Word encoding error which occurs due to mismatch of standard coding and make Word file unreadable with new strange characters.

How Word documents are Getting Corrupt on Windows 7?

  • Macro Viruses: Macro viruses are some special types of viruses affecting applications such as MS Word. These viruses are capable of altering or deleting macro, which is a series of commands especially written for performing automation of some tasks by combining them together. By infecting a macro, several viruses can modify the order of execution of tasks on MS Word. As a result of this, files can get corrupt or damaged.
  • Improper Termination of MS Word Program:Sometimes, you may close your MS Word program forcefully if the program freezes for long period of time. Such a termination of application may even lead to the corruption of Word files which have working on. A sudden power surge can also lead to the improper termination of MS Word program; hence it can cause corruption to the closed Word files.
  • OS Upgradation Errors: In Windows 7, Word files may get corrupt due to errors that happen while upgrading operating system version.
  • Round Tripping: A DOC file may get damaged if you convert that file into DOCX format followed by reconverting back to its original format. This round tripping error is also valid for other formats too.
  • Errors While Transfer: Incomplete downloading or uploading of Word files can brought corruption to such files especially if your network is not much secure. CRC error can also happen while sending DOC file over a network.

Why to Opt DOC File Repair Software?

This software has gained popularity across the world to repair Word files created using different versions of MS Word program such as 2000, 2007, 2010 and 2013 without any complex procedures. This software has a simple GUI that drives you to fix damaged Windows 7 Word documents using an automated easy to use wizard. You can able to recover text, text formatting, along with OLE objects from corrupt DOC files and DOCX files simply using this utility.

If the repair process is over, you can preview the repaired file before saving it to a secure location. This software supports both 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows 7 operating system. Merely one GB ram is required for the installation of this software in addition to 50 MB disk space. You original Word document remains intact after repair process. It is because this software doesn’t alter the original file, instead it copies contents from that file, repair it and save those contents into a new file. You are feely accessible to professional technical support anytime in order to repair corrupt word document windows 7 in an effective manner.

Using this tool, you can also fix Word templates having DOT extension which got corrupted due to several undesirable reasons. For that, first you have to rename the file extension from DOT to DOC.

Some of you might have faced problems associated with file permission of certain Word files. Anyway, this tool can be utilized to fix file permission errors in Word documents of both DOC and DOCX types.

Steps to Repair Corrupt Word files on Windows 7?

Step 1: Download and install the software on your Windows 7 computer. Launch the software and browse for the corrupt Word document. If you found that file, click on the "Repair" button as shown in Fig 1

Repair Corrupt Word Document Windows 7 - Browse for the  Word Document

Fig 1: Browse for the Word Document

Step 2: After repairing the Word document, you can "preview" it as shown in Fig 2.

Repair Damaged Word Document Windows 7 - Preview Word Document

Fig 2: Preview Word Document

Step 3: Finally, you can select a destination path to "Save" repaired Word document as shown in Fig 3.

Repair Corrupt Word Document Windows 7 - Save  Word Document

Fig 3: Save Word Document